Ground rules

February 25, 2010

This blog is not about me but about the people I admire and think worthy of the “role model” title. I might add my own experience into the mix when it comes to perception of self, eating disorder, hang-ups but I will not speak about my personal life, my job or my side projects. I might have the occasional rant about something that has happened to me or someone close to me provided it is relevant to the subject of this blog but will keep things as anonymous and vague as possible. My aim is to get people to stop judging other people on appearances only.  And by people, I most specifically refer to young women out there: if this blog can get one teenage girl to accept herself as she is and lead a successful life in whatever projects she dreams of realising, then this blog’s mission would be fulfilled. If you don’t fit into the usual/mediatised/distorted definition of “beauty”, your life is not over. There is more to you than just your image. As a matter of fact, it is more often what people cannot see that makes you who you are and what you can be proud of. The reverse situation applies: you have to stop casting judgements based on the outer beauty only. For all you know, you could be discarding the company of a potential best friend, mentor, substitute mother… If you are not convinced yet then let this blog convince you.


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