How To Look Good Naked…

March 8, 2010

For anyone who does not know what the title of this post refers to, “How To Look Good Naked” is a fabulous programme on Channel 4 where women who have huge body confidence issues see themselves boosted up by getting a full makeover and agreeing to pose for a nude photoshoot and strut their stuff on the catwalk.

A huge inspiration altogether, this programme has helped me realise that it was ok to not be a size 10 with DD cup perky boobs, a flat stomach and the shadow of a bum. This was simply done by showing that we are all different and normal women have wobbles, stretch marks and other things that are deemed “unsightly”.

Now one of the latest episode has shown a different end of the spectrum. Instead of having a size 14+ on the show, they had a size 10 44 year old woman. Before having her kids, Jane used to be a size 16 and loving her curves. However, the pregnancies left her with a size 10 body. Now before we carry on, let me clarify that she had no stretch marks, no cellulite, no flabby skin hanging loose. It’s as if the 2 pregnancies transformed her body into an 18 year old’s.  “What’s her problem then?” you (and I, admittedly) would ask and I am sure most women who have had 2 kids and feel they are now worse for wear would be infuriated. I must admit I was a tad jealous at this woman: where every average woman would have put on 2 sizes, she dropped 3 and could now fit into anything on the high street (let’s face it, most pretty stuff are cut for shapeless size 10’s). On the other side of things, you could tell she really had a problem: it was not just the overlaying of clothes to create the illusion of volume or wearing 2 bras on top of each other, but also her body language and how “recluse” and “curled up” on herself she was.

All in all, once you got past the initial reaction of shouting “There is nothing wrong with you!” at the telly (or more at the woman in question), this was actually a good episode of the series. Not because it necessarily boosted the confidence of curvy girls out there, but because I think it layed out the bare and common truth: no matter what size/shape a woman is,  she will always find something to hate about herself. Even when you “conform” with the ideal beauty the media sells, you can still feel like the ugliest blob on earth.

Another issue this has lifted is that maybe size 10’s and below hate their bodies too simply because they fail to see how they are the envy of so many other women. They might also hate the “anorexic chick” stereotype as much as size 14+ hate the “obese fatass” stereotype we women and health freaks plonk on each other. For all you know, a tiny size 8 who eats like a pig in the hope of growing some curves could suffer just as much as the size 18 who is constantly dieting and not shifting those medically unsafe pounds.

Bottom line: it’s always good to see the other side’s point of view before casting judgements. What do you think?


One Response to “How To Look Good Naked…”

  1. this photo is …COOL ! 😀 lol thanks

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