Bullied for her good looks…

March 11, 2010

Some things nowadays just make you sick… I came across this news article on my commute this morning:

Bullied for her good looks…

It just goes to prove that bullying never stops at anything: – If you are “ugly”, you get bullied

– If you are pretty, you get bullied

– If you get better grades then anyone else, you get bullied

– If you get bad grades, you get bullied

– If you are fat, you get bullied

– If your hair is not dead straight, you get bullied

– If you haven’t slept with a boy by age 13, you get bullied

– If you’re a slut, you get bullied

… And the list goes on, and on, and on… Be it a positive or a negative aspect that sets you apart from the norm, you will always get bullied.

I did not know Poppy Bracey, nor the circumstances surrounding her death. I seriously doubt that the bullying is the only cause for her suicide since the girl was in foster care. However, I do know her suffering and the pain the school yard’s hyenas must have imponed on her.

Rest in peace, angel.


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One Response to “Bullied for her good looks…”

  1. Liz Says:

    Just to let you know, i attended Poppy’s school and there is NO evidence she was bullied, that has simply been plucked out of thin air by a student and put on facebook, which the tabloids have seen and ran with it. It’s pretty ridiculous to be honest, Poppy’s family are going through a hard time as it is, so are the school, and instead of letting us mourn her death in peace it has the be brought up in every tabloid news paper! The stuff they are quoting are lies, and some of those quoted aren’t even students… Shouldnt we show respect to her family and her friend and wait for official information before jumping to conclusions?

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