Christina Hendricks Rocks!

March 17, 2010

Having recently joined the Digg community, I came across the following collection of Christina Hendricks pictures and the subsequent comments made by Digg male users. While I am aware that Christina is closer to a size 10 than a size 20, she is nonetheless a good example of “natural is better”. It is pretty obvious that her “assets” are not fakes for starters so I would consider this a proof of men do prefer natural breasts to silicon implants (hint hint, girls). The other thing to take into consideration is her hair colour. While not being natural (she’s been dying her natural blonde hair since she was 10), it is nonetheless ginger: a colour that is very often the subject of playground bullying. Another thing to take into account is that her face is actually asymmetrical: it does not necessarily make her less beautiful but it is still regarded as a flaw by beauty fascists. I will also readily admit that the first thing you see are her breasts but if you look at the whole package, she is not exactly stick thin and scrawny everywhere else. She is the first to admit that, like most women out there, she would not mind losing another 10 pounds but is afraid of losing them in the wrong places so chooses to accept herself as she is. My last point to take into account is the role she plays on TV show Mad Men: an office manager trying to fight back the machismo of a male ran advertising agency in the 60’s or, for short, an old-school feminist.

I would not say that Christina Hendricks is a role model yet: I do keep in mind that she is “only” an actress (in the sense that she hasn’t achieved or demonstrated model behaviour outside of her profession). However, due to her being all natural and looking like a woman should be (curves, flaws and all) while still managing to be successful, I would say she rocks. I am certainly looking forward to see where her career takes her.


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