… out of celebrities’ body parts?” That was the subject of an interesting article I came across on the second page of Metro, the commuters’ free paper, this morning. It detailed the results of a survey carried out by the Good Surgeon Guide. That same survey was carried out in an effort to promote “good” cosmetic surgery. Well, let’s just say their brainchild seriously backfired on them: most of the body parts the surveyed blokes chose to build their fantasy woman with were all natural! True, the body parts owners were the usual suspects we get bombarded with (Angelina Jolie’s pout, Cameron Diaz’s cheeks, Cheryl Cole’s hair, Kelly Brook’s boobs…) but it goes to show that guys do prefer our natural qualities and assets. On the other side of the coin, they got to make a nightmare woman as well and most of “her” was made of fake body parts (Jordan’s overinflated boobs, Leslie Ash’s trout pout, Jodie Marsh’s weird nose, etc…). All of this certainly gives a slap in the face of cosmetic surgery. There are just some things you cannot fake.

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