Some things nowadays just make you sick… I came across this news article on my commute this morning:

Bullied for her good looks…

It just goes to prove that bullying never stops at anything: – If you are “ugly”, you get bullied

– If you are pretty, you get bullied

– If you get better grades then anyone else, you get bullied

– If you get bad grades, you get bullied

– If you are fat, you get bullied

– If your hair is not dead straight, you get bullied

– If you haven’t slept with a boy by age 13, you get bullied

– If you’re a slut, you get bullied

… And the list goes on, and on, and on… Be it a positive or a negative aspect that sets you apart from the norm, you will always get bullied.

I did not know Poppy Bracey, nor the circumstances surrounding her death. I seriously doubt that the bullying is the only cause for her suicide since the girl was in foster care. However, I do know her suffering and the pain the school yard’s hyenas must have imponed on her.

Rest in peace, angel.


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